With my help, your computer system becomes your best friend and partner . . . instead of your enemy.

I've worked in the technical trenches of the electronics manufacturing, rf communications, and data processing fields for over thirty years.

I've designed, built, and maintained communication systems in Africa; I've repaired them when no spare parts were available. I've designed, built, and managed growing computer networks for major electronic instrument manufacturers. In decades, my systems have had no unscheduled downtime and no lost data.

The buck stops at my desk. I bring this "boots on the ground" experience to your computer system.

My background:

Hardware: Electronic product design, prototyping, debugging, quality control, test, classroom instruction, field service and support. RF, analog and digital.

Software: I've created system enhancement, interface, debugging, and administrative programs, using languages from Assembler to Pascal.

Systems: All Microsoft products, Novell NetWare, SCO Openserver UNIX, SuSE Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Samba, Apache, Squid.

Applications: Microsoft Dynamics NAV (née Navision Financials) ERP, Macola Accounting, Vertex sales tax, Lightspeed dealer management and point of sale, Aloha restaurant point of sale, Follow-Up sales force management, GETPAID collection management, Quickbooks, Autoshop Controller, Alldata auto repair, Solomon Accounting (now Microsoft Dynamics SL), Lotus Notes, Crystal Reports. I'm strong in order processing, inventory control, shipping, EDI (electronic data interchange) for trading partners, and point of sale integration.

Databases: Sybase, Informix, Btrieve, SQL Server, Foxpro and other dBase derivatives.

Videoconference: Tandberg. Video Surveillance: GE DIgia II, Q-See, Lorex, HAI, H.264, SuperCam iPhone app

Networks: Ethernet, Token ring, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, frame relay, ISDN.

Network media: STP, UTP, coaxial cable, fiber, 802.11_ wireless.

Customer testimonials

To my fellow computer lovers. I would like to express my profound thanks to Russ Bellew for sorting out a number of problems that I had on my two home computers. Not only did he get them up and running quickly, he also explained the various problems and remedies in a language that I could understand. It was very apparent that I was dealing with a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable professional. I can highly recommend his services and especially to those who have the love of their computer at heart.

Geir Ingolfsrud, Broker, Classic Yachts International

Happy business people with Broward County's I.T. support leader

Russ has been keeping our computer system functioning properly and updated for 15 years. There isn't anyone better to repair or update your system. I consider myself fairly advanced in computer knowledge, for a non-computer career professional, and my computer knowledge isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to Russ'. He not only knows how systems work but also knows the history of computers (who made breakthroughs, when and why). I feel my computer network that Russ built and maintains is one of my greatest assets over my competition. Another one of Russ' great talents is knowing where to get a good deal. (A new or more expensive system is not always better.) Thanks for the great service, Russ.

Jason Athanas, President
Autobahn Performance Inc.

A cure for Blue Screen Madness

Wow. I thought that I was going to junk out my laptop and start over with a new computer. I'm not a computer savvy individual, yet like almost everyone today I have the need to communicate and utilize the assistance they provide on a daily basis. RUSS BELLEW through patience and knowledge solved the problem. Mind you, not with the snap of a finger and not overnight, yet with sincere dedication.

Ken Bucher, Owner
Skyline Chili of Fort Lauderdale